Pierre Herckes

Pierre Herckes is a professor in the School of Molecular Sciences and an affiliate professor in the School of Earth and Space Exploration at Arizona State University. His research interests lie in atmospheric chemistry, specifically aerosols and clouds, as well as aerosol-cloud interactions and their impact on air quality and climate. A substantial portion of his research is devoted to applied projects that aim to address air pollution issues. Another research focus is on analytical chemistry, developing tools to investigate the sources, occurrence, and fate of pollutants in the environment. Recently, his work has focused on detecting emerging contaminants such as nitrosamines or nanomaterials in environmental and biological samples. He also puts a significant effort into applied projects related to water quality and human exposure.

Dr. Herckes holds a degree in Chemical Engineering from EHICS Strasbourg and MS and PhD degrees in Environmental Physical Chemistry from Strasbourg University in France. Prior to joining the faculty at ASU, he was a postdoc and research scientist in the Atmospheric Science Department at Colorado State University.


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